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Let’s talk Dehydration!

Dehydration can occur if a person is not drinking enough fluids. You can also become dehydrated when a large amount of fluid is lost through vomiting, diarrhea (or both). Other factors contribute to dehydration as well (confined spaces, hot outdoors, humidity, sickness, radiation, strenuous exercise, acclimatisation, and age). When you

5 ESSENTIAL Workplace First Aid Skills Everyone Should Know

The start of the year is the perfect time to ensure your workplace is safe and prepared for emergencies. Not everyone may be required to get formal first aid training, but EVERYONE CAN HELP to provide basic first aid in emergencies, with these 5 essential workplace first aid skills everyone

How to Treat 10 Common Playground Injuries

There’s no avoiding it. Kids play tough and eventually get hurt. Here, Essential First Aid’s experts offer their tips for knowing how to tend to boo-boos — and when to seek medical attention for something more serious. Cuts For minor cuts, clean the area with water. Apply a band-aid until

Considerations For Selecting Your Personal First Aid Kits

Considerations For Selecting Your Personal First Aid Kits. Our First Aid Kit specialists have created a large range of kits for almost every activity, environment and risk requirement to help you make sure you’re covered no matter what the situation. Each First Aid Kit is manufactured using carefully selected quality

First Aid Kit Checklist

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Snake Bike Treatment in 4 steps

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